5 activities every adult should know how to do



There are so many things we miss the opportunity to do in our childhood and adolescence.

And the more we enter into adulthood still without the knowledge of them, the weirder it gets. Some of these are useful, fun, or life-changing, and should be in every adult’s skill set.

Here are some basic activities every adult should know how to do:

“I can’t swim but I can stand in the pool.” Is that you? Imagine not knowing how to swim; you are missing out on a lot. Swimming is a life-saving skill, you do not know when you will need it to save yourself or someone else. Swimming is also a leisure sport and a great way to keep fit. Not to mention a good way to cool down on a hot day.

Skipping is a fun sport for many children, and if you…skipped it as a child, adulthood is the perfect time to learn, especially because you need to keep fit as you get older.

Many of us were promised bicycles as kids but not all of us got them, or the chance to ride them. As adults, when you can afford to get a bicycle yourself, riding one is great outlet to exercise. Bicycles help you avoid traffic jams if you live in a metropolitan area too. Just be careful on the road while you ride.

Do you know how to play board games like checkers, monopoly, scrabble, chess, and the African game? You should learn it now and stop saying “I am too old.”

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a car, once you are an adult you should learn how to drive. You can’t ever tell when it would be important to use the skill.

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