Faith Ntsiki debunks rumours that she is cheating on her boyfriend – Video




Faith Ntsiki has taken to her Instagram to slam rumours that she is cheating on her boyfriend.

The star is currently trending on Twitter after a local Twitter user shared screenshots on social media of a conversation of someone speculating that they spotted the Have Faith star with another man.

Taking to Instagram, Faith debunk the rumour as she shared a video explaining why she said she was single while she and her partner were still together.

“I’m not really to address things because I don’t like making something bigger than it is. But I’m not going to keep quiet because this is just so disrespectful to me and my partner. People are saying that I cheated on my boyfriend at Sumo. I did not. He was very much present. We left together, we were together the whole night. I was upset hence I posted what I posted which was very childish, but please don’t come here and lie. It’s just so rude,” she said.

Faith pleaded with her followers to respect her relationship.

“This is just one thing that I’m not going to take when it comes to my relationship, please respect me. Don’t create rumours. Whoever created that rumour, you were so evil, it’s disgusting. Please respect me and my partner. You guys don’t owe me anything but at least just respect him. I signed up for this he didn’t.”