5 funny money habits all South African men have



We all know men and women handle money differently and of the two groups sometimes it’s hard to tell who is worse at managing their own money.

However, today we’re going to dig into the hilarious money habits that South African men have that barely make sense.

1. Men just can’t stop spending on food

Honestly, this one makes sense. If you’re cooking, first of all, you need to know how to cook, and then you need to have ingredients, not to mention sweating in the heat of your kitchen and the acrobatics you have to do when anything starts frying.

2. They have a fetish for losing money to sports

The number of betting apps and companies in South Africa should tell you that the market is booming. And that means only one thing. South African men all over the country are in love with the feeling of losing money betting on other men who earn their yearly pay in a week. But it does feel good when your odds line up and and Arsenal doesn’t spoil the whole freaking bet.

3. Spending is their love language

Nothing will be funnier than the way South African men lose their money by assuming that women expect them to spend, and then going with assumption and spending without provocation.

4. Knowing they should save but YOLO-ing every single time they get money

It’s easy to understand the value of saving and even make actionable and intelligent plans to save your money and grow your networth. It’s super easy—when you’re broke. When you have money (ha ha ha) that’s a whole different story.

5. They’re bad (so bad) when it comes to investing

When it comes to investing money, South African men choose how to invest the money based on the most sensible metric there is; how many of their friends are investing money that same way. Respect the South African man’s right to invest in Betway, their fraud friends and their girl’s business.

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