The 5 types of friends you should never take for granted



Often we take some people in our lives for granted, especially friends who are always there.

By doing so you simply lose them as they feel like they are not being treated right. So here are 5 kinds of friends that should never be taken for granted.

1. The ones who are always cheering for you

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who always cheers you no matter what you are doing, then do not take him or her for granted. You can always depend on such friends because they do have your back. They get how important the silliest win is for you.

2. The good listener

There are more preachers than listeners in the world today and you know that for a fact. If your friend is a good listener and always lends you an ear for you to vent out, then cherish the person. A good listener never judges you and you do need someone who listens to you without charging you a dime!

3. Optimism galore

You look at life as half glass empty but if your friend always sees the light at the end of the tunnel then do not let such positive people go from your life. Taking such people for granted is the biggest mistake you can make. To be a positive person yourself, lesson 101 is to keep positive people around you.

4. The one who always helps

No matter how dirty your situation is, this person is always there to help you out. It is a sin to take such people for granted and you are the only one who loses it all at the end. These folks are the ones you can count on at whatever hour. Very few are blessed with such souls in their lives.

5. The extrovert

Always have an extrovert friend in your life because they are the ones who take away your loneliness. If you are blessed with one, do not take him or her for granted because more than them, you need them more.

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