5 things you can do to prevent toilet infection



Toilet infections are unpleasant for both men and women which displays symptoms such as itching, pain when urinating, bad odour, as well general discomfort in the private area.

Although most individuals find treating toilet infections humiliating, it is critical to do so as soon as possible so that the problem will not worsen and impact one’s health.

There are many common and harmful habits that can cause toilet infection. Below are 5 things you can do to prevent toilet infection:

1. Always change your underwear

It’s advisable to change your underwear at least twice a day or anytime you have sweated much. In addition, you should always keep your underwear dry.

2. While using the public toilets, make sure you stand or just bend

Urinating while standing or bending aids to prevent infection by avoiding urine splashing on you. This is a good position to take, especially when using a public toilet.

3. Avoid injury on the private organ

Avoid injuring yourself in your intimate area since a break in the skin caused by an injury might lead to infection.

4. Stop vaginal douching

Washing your intimate area with medicated soap, antiseptics, or salt can kill the microorganisms that live in the vaginal canal. While bathing, use only water to clean up the area.

5. Don’t use perfumes on the private organ

Stop using perfume or scented soap on your vaginal area since it alters the chemical balance which makes you more susceptible to toilet infections.