5 red flag that shouldn’t be ignored during courtship



Most courtship leads to marriage, as its one of the most important period and ‘bed-rock’ in a blissful union.

Not all courtship leads to marriage, as there have been records and stories of terrible experience during courtship.

Courtship is a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship before getting married. Most couple use the courtship period to get to know their spouse more or the person they intend to marry.

There have been cases of people acting or behaving in their best behavior during courtship and change personality after marriage.

However, there are some signs which can be termed ‘red flag’ most people fail to notice or ignore during courtship.

Check out some red flags that shouldn’t be ignored or taken for granted during courtship;

1. Ability to give

When you spouse don’t have the spirit of given or sharing what they have, then you should be wary and concerned. When two people are the love, they give effortlessly and don’t care how much they have given. There is a popular scripture which say; ‘Give and it shall be given onto you’, such principles apply to people in love. If your spouse can give during courtship, it will be difficult to give when married.

2. Spirit to forgive and let go

‘I will forgive you, but I will not forget’, we hear people make such statement, but how can you still remember the past when dealing with someone you claim to love? If you don’t learn to forgive, then there will be lots and loads of misunderstanding during marriage.

3. How they see and relate with your family members

Family is the first and smallest unit in every society, if your souse can’t relate freely with your family members during courtship, then be prepared for a different ‘war room’. You can’t love someone and hate their family members.

4. Memorable events

Imagine when someone you care about forget your birthday or failed to show up for a big and remarkable event of yours. No one is too busy for who they love, as most people play the ‘over busy’ cards with their spouse. You are actively involved with their life, but they make yours a part time event.

5. Communication and understanding

Communicating effectively solves a whole lot of seen and unseen issues. When you can easier communicate anything to your spouse with them judging you, then you’re on the right track. Now how about understanding? After listening, do you understand? If there is no understanding, then there is no communication.

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