3 easy ways to give your house a luxurious feel



A house that boasts luxury is everybody’s dream. However, not many except the ones with deep pockets are able to call such a place their home. While luxury is, often, synonymous with money, that’s not true in all cases.

A little bit of brain coupled with thinking similar to that of an interior decorator will help you give your house a luxurious feel without having to make a hole in your pocket.

Here are 3 easy ways to do so.

1. Put your carpets on display

While these can be an expensive deal, but it’s a one-time investment. Carpets, instantly, give the house a luxurious feel, if placed rightly. They usually go well in your living rooms and drawing rooms. Place them under the big tables or just cover up an empty chunk of space with a big carpet, and you are good to go. However, don’t forget to choose a colour that goes best with all the other décor in your house.

2. Chandelier will spread luxury

There is a reason why these expensive 5-star hotels always have this giant chandelier in their hall. It speaks of luxury. Placing this glittery beauty right in the centre of your house will give you a luxurious feel. Decide the size and shape according to the space in your house and let it spread the magic. Don’t go overboard by choosing a giant one if your house is a bit on the smaller side, if space comes for free in your house, you don’t have to settle for anything less.

3. Bring home abstract wall paintings

Abstract wall paintings are a perfect and not-so-expensive way to give your house a luxurious feel. Select the right colours and fill your walls with them. This will not only make your space stand out but will also give your house a grand and royal look. After all, there’s something about art that makes it so sought-after.

If even after bringing all the aforementioned things home, you still feel something is missing, indoor plants will help you fill the vacuum. Bring half a dozen indoor plants and spread them in every nook and corner. From bedrooms to halls, fill your house with these oxygen machines. The air will, of course, feel lighter, happier and your house will look alive and beautiful more than ever.

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