Why you shouldn’t discuss your previous relationships with your partner



My ex never did this. My ex used to do it this way. My previous relationship had more trust.

We all are guilty of addressing or remembering our previous relationships, at least once, while we are with our partners.

While most of us don’t find any problem in talking about our ex in front of our partner, it is still preferable that one restrains from doing it.

This doesn’t mean to keep your past relationships a complete secret but that one shouldn’t be discussing them again and again. If you wonder why, here are 3 reasons.

1. It might make your partner feel uncomfortable

Talking about your past relationships once in a while is not much of a deal. However, repeating what your ex would use to do and how things were different back then can make your partner feel a bit uncomfortable. Even if he or she doesn’t mention it, it is always a good option to be on the safer side. Instead of speaking about how your previous relationships went like, focus on what can be done to strengthen your current one.

2. It may damage your current relationship

If you keep mentioning your previous relationships it may cause more damage to your current one than you think. Your partner may feel insecure and jealous. They may see themselves as an option or may misunderstand you for not being happy with them. Imagine, if your partner does it with you. Would you like it? The answer, most probably, will be a no. So, even if you are doing it with good intentions, avoid it completely. Let history be history, and aim towards building a good future.

3. Your partner may feel you are drawing comparisons

Even if you are mentioning your past relationship without any bad intention, your partner may feel like you are drawing comparisons. This may leave them annoyed and there are chances that the two of you could indulge in an ugly fight. So, to avoid such a scenario, stop mentioning or discussing your past relationships too much with your partner. Find happiness in your current one and don’t remember what has happened with you in the past. Also, it is not necessary for you to give all the details about your past relationships, because, after all, there’s a reason that they are your past and not present. Filter what has to be said and whatnot. However, don’t keep everything a secret. Strike a balance between the two and forget about the past.

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