The dilemma of making New Year’s resolutions



Every culture counts days, weeks, months, and years in their own special way but now most of the world uses the Gregorian calendar.

With the new year comes the feeling of starting afresh. Resolutions are made but before January is over we can’t keep up.

If you are anything like me, then you hate the new year, new month, Christmas and anything that makes anyone send me broadcast messages.

I get really tired of the forced festivities in my opinion and I would rather take it as another day. Yet, there is something about new seasons.

We have to admit to ourselves, at least, that a new year, a new month, and even a new day makes us feel like the past is gone and we can start afresh.

Our lack of self-control, discipline should not stop us from making plans. Better to shoot for the moon and land on the stars than to enter with so much pessimism.

Additionally, failure is found on the part of success, so no matter how many times you fumble your resolutions, every day is a new day to begin again.

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