7 healthy signs that indicate you shouldn’t end your relationship



There are several reasons why you might consider ending your relationship; perhaps your professional life and office duties are overwhelming at the moment and leave you little time to tend to your lover.

Or maybe you have a busy social life with no room for love. Nonetheless, whatever your reasons for wanting to end the union, we list 7 signs of a healthy love that indicate you shouldn’t end your relationship.

  1. Both of you make sure that you are present to celebrate each of your small victories and mourn failures together; be it virtually or in person.
  2. He or she is emotionally available and accessible to you whenever you have a rough patch at work or in your family life.
  3. He or she does not fight dirty or exploit your insecurities while you are arguing.
  4. There is no obstacle to the way the two of you communicate, even after a fight. Clear and honest communication is always a good sign.
  5. There is no scope for lying or misrepresentation in the relationship, as you both prefer honesty and offer respect.
  6. You enjoy spending time with each other, but have diverse friend groups that ensure you each have your own childhood friends or social circle that you can retreat to.
  7. He doesn’t wish for you to change any aspect of who you are and doesn’t compare you to other women. He or she should be willing to accept and adore even your vulnerabilities so that his opinion may never negatively impact your self-esteem.

Right from feeling trapped in a relationship to being with an abusive lover, there are many red flags that hint that it is time to end your union and exile your lover. Nevertheless, if you notice the aforementioned 7 signs, then hold on to your mate as they seem to be doing all the right things!

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