4 things that can break your long-term relationship



It won’t be wrong to say that most long-term relationships, not all, end on a bitter note.

From women no longer feeling loved to men thinking they are taken for granted, there are several reasons that force people to end their long-term relationships.

However, not all is bad in a long-term relationship. When you are with a person for a long time, you tend to become comfortable with them and start feeling a connection that is beyond replacement.

But a few bad choices can make your long-term relationship bitter and you might even consider breaking it. Here are 4 such things that you should avoid.

1. Lack of love and appreciation

No matter if your relationship is a month-old or years longer, a lack of love and appreciation can cause irreplaceable damage to it. Like aforementioned, most women walk out of a relationship because they no longer feel loved and appreciated. So, just as you would love and appreciate your partner in the initial days of the relationship, do it the same way as your relationship grows older.

2. Lost spark

Sometimes a lost spark is mistaken for lost love. So, try and bring the lost spark alive by surprising your partner or going on a vacation. It can also be done via increased intimacy. Walk that extra mile and bring the lost spark alive.

3. Lack of dialogue

If the conversation has taken a backseat in your relationship, take the initiative and start a dialogue. Discuss anything under the sun, just keep the conversation going. Meet over a coffee, switch off your mobile phones and discuss life. This will help you bond a little more and better and might even help you get back that lost connection in your long-term relationship.

4. Misunderstandings and suspicion

Every relationship goes through a phase when misunderstandings and suspicion tend to grow between the couple. If handled wisely this phase might pass, however, if not addressed things might turn bitter. This may result in constant fights which may further lead to frustration and stress.

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