L-Tido beats COVID-19


L-Tido gives out a strict warning after beating COVID-19.

The rapper’s silence was quite evident within the past three weeks, but it was assumed that he’s returned to his shell.

Returning to Twitter, Tido urged people to not joke with the virus, as it still exists and it’s real.

After battling and overcoming, he urged people to get vaccinated.

Pls make no mistake COVID is still out here in a real way … pls get vaccinated. I just fully recovered from the virus,” he wrote.

Just before he stayed off social media to fully recover, L-Tido did a bit of charity work, as he gave out food during the festive period.

“As much as the past 2 years have been tough on us , we still lucky to have a plate of food at the end of the day, so we decided to do the little we can and gave away 300 chickens to the less fortunate in the community of Alexandra . Let’s share and spread love this festive season.”


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