5 things you should never say to your coworkers



Most people like to view work relationships as just that; that means your colleagues are not your friends or family members.

Do colleagues become friends? Of course, but even then, and especially when they are your boss, it is important to keep the relationship respectful.

Things like, “Your breasts look fuller,” “Your ass got bigger” are a ‘no no’. You also probably shouldn’t say things like “Can I see your abs?” or “You smell nice.” “You look nice today” is good enough. Anything too specific will seem flirtatious.

These discussions can make people uncomfortable. Saying things like, “Oh my God, I just had the best sex last night” is unnecessary.

This is another question that can make others feel uncomfortable. Your coworker might not be comfortable disclosing their sexual life and experiences, and it might also come across as flirting.

This isn’t something you say but do. Some people are not comfortable when others touch their hair or any part of their bodies. It is an invasion of personal space and is incredible unnecessary.

For some, their homes are their private sanctuary away from work. Asking or demanding to follow them home just ‘to see them’ can be incredibly inappropriate.

The issue with workplace relationships is that to some people these actions might mean nothing and they might allow them, but you’re also likely to make them feel uncomfortable and land yourself in trouble.

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