5 tips to help you easily make tough decisions in life



Whether we are choosing a career, deciding where to live, or picking out our wardrobe for the day, there seem to be always difficult choices and tradeoffs.

However, with some guidance and reflection, it becomes easier than you think.

Below are some tips that can help you quickly make those tough decisions in your life.

1. Visualize outcomes

When making a tough decision, it can be helpful to visualize the potential outcomes. For example, if you are considering whether or not to take a new job, imagine yourself in that position one year from now. What would your life look like? Are you happy in the imagined future? If not, then the job might not be suitable for you.

2. Take a break

Sometimes, we need to take a break and let the information we have sink in before making any decisions. For example, suppose you are considering switching jobs. In that case, it might be helpful to wait until your current job has ended before accepting another one to avoid having two bosses or feeling like you’re betraying someone by leaving too soon after starting at the company.

In addition, talk to friends who may understand what is going on, they may provide some clarity that can help make better decisions moving forward.

3. Think about your own happiness

While other people certainly matter when making difficult choices, ultimately, our happiness matters most of all. So often, we end up doing something for someone else rather than what makes us the happiest. If you are not happy, your decisions are not going to matter. So, although making choices out of guilt may seem like the right thing to do in some cases, ultimately, we must remember that life is short, and our happiness matters most.

4. List the pros and cons

When making a tough decision, it can be helpful to list the pros and cons. This way, we can see both sides of the issue more clearly. For example, if you are considering whether or not to break up with your significant other, writing out a list of reasons why you should and shouldn’t break up can help clear things up.