The real reason why many couples break up after 3 years in a relationship



When it comes to matters of the heart, there is sadly, no sure-fire guarantee that a couple will stay together forever.

But have you ever wondered why couples who have been dating for extended periods such as 3 years opt to end things suddenly?

Right from a drastic alteration in their value system to a lack of confidence in their partner, there are several unsurmountable issues faced by individuals who are much-in-love.

Well, read on to discover the top 3 reasons behind such breakups.

1. Addictions and eating disorders

Right from alcohol addictions to eating disorders and substance abuse, there are several elements that can trigger stress in your relationship. While you may have little control over your addictions or disorders, it still has the ability to cause damage in a relationship. The individual who isn’t an addict tends to take care of and feel responsible for their partner. But this builds bitterness and aggression long term. Right from frequent fights to mood swings and an unstable atmosphere, such issues can arise and threaten to end the union.

2. Duplicity

Long term relationships tend to be based on the trust that’s built between the two partners. Hence, cheating in the relationship tends to hurt the other partner. However, apart from cheating there are other forms of betrayal that can break the relationship. These include being secretive about your friendships, about work or even about your debts and finance.

3. A Life-altering incident

At times, people experience things that bring a turning point in their lives. This can be anything from a near-fatal accident, an illness, loss of a loved one or shift in their chosen career. This causes them to want to make different choices, so could change the current trajectory of your relationship.

Should you wish to ensure that love trumps your issues as a couple, then it may be wise to seek the aid of therapist to resolve differences in your relationship.

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