Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa spill the tea on sexual offence and assault charges




Actress Letoya Makhene-Pulumo has opened up on what really happened at the celebration.

This is coming after she opened a sexual offence case against a man who accused her wife, Lebo of assault.

Lebo was reportedly arrested for allegedly vandalizing a bakery and damaging furniture while hurling insults at people.

The cases were opened after the pair attended a party in Midrand on January 13 where Lebo was involved in a scuffle while allegedly defending Letoya, who claimed she was sexually attacked.

Lebo and Letoya said they went to a birthday celebration where they only knew the “birthday boy” and not the guests.

“This woman said to me ‘Mmm so you are Lebo Keswa I’ve always had a crush on’. I said unfortunately I’m married. ‘Do you and Letoya play?’ I asked her what does that mean. She said can you, Letoya, me and my husband do something and I told her I’m not happy with this,” Lebo said.

Lebo said she ignored the sexual advance invitation and went to talk business with a guest at the party but her chat was interrupted by Letoya’s horrified screams.

The actress told her wife a man had touched her inappropriately.

Lebo confronted the guy and a scuffle ensued. Letoya allegedly sustained injuries and her sacred sangoma beads were destroyed when she got entangled in the fight and tried to pull Lebo out.

“Letoya said ‘This guy just rubbed my thigh and touched my crotch’. So I’m trying to push this man and I want to try and understand what the f**k he is doing. This is where my hand got into Letoya’s beads and they fell. Letoya was holding me, begging me not to fight a man but he attacked me first.”


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