5 things that can trigger anxiety



You are happy and living in the moment. Suddenly a feeling of sadness and a wave of emotions hit you. You turn to silence.

All those who have or have suffered from anxiety at some point in their life will understand the struggle. From mood swings to panic attacks, anxiety can trigger a lot of other complications, too.

However, even anxiety needs some trigger. So, if you, often, find yourself in the grip of anxiety, every now and then, here are 5 things that might be triggering your anxiety.

So, before you fret about the unusual feelings, check for the below-mentioned topics.

1. A stressful situation

The most common trigger of anxiety is a stressful situation. Whether or not we realise it stress and tension trigger anxiety. So, if you have been worrying about something for days, it is more than likely that you might suffer an anxiety attack sooner than later.

2. Excess caffeine

Here’s some bad news for all the coffeeholics. Excess caffeine can trigger anxiety. So, if you always find yourself beside a steaming cup of coffee, it’s imperative for you to limit or, at least, reduce the intake. If you crave something to drink, switch to healthier alternatives like fresh juices or lemonade.

3. Low productivity

Believe it or not, workaholics tend to suffer anxiety attacks on the days when they have seen low productivity. It won’t be wrong to say that the two are interlinked. Anxiety can result in low productivity, and at the same time, in some, low productivity can trigger anxiety.

4. Anger

If you find yourself agitated, there are high chances you may suffer from anxiety and panic attacks later in the day. So, if anxiety is something that bothers you a lot, you might want to control your anger a bit.

5. Irregular sleep patterns

If you often find yourself binge-watching all night, then make up for the lost sleep the next day, it can trigger your anxiety a hard way. So, if you are a night owl, you may want to reconsider your decision and follow a healthy sleeping pattern.

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