Anaconda hit 2.4million viewers




Anaconda had high viewership as South Africans tuned in to watch the movie and it was a blast.

Few days ago, e.tv. revealed that they are bringing to the screen Anaconda rerun and many of the viewers are not pleased.

The viewers feel they were back in the year 2002 and wonder what the movie have to show.

Well, it looks like many watch it as it was reported that 2.4 million of them tuned in to watch the 1997 classic film Anaconda last week Saturday at 8PM.

Phil Mphela gave the exact figures and said 2.4 million viewers tuned in to enjoy the film for the 100th time.

etv took to social media to thank viewers for their continued support as they never miss when broadcasting the film. It just always manages to pull in the numbers.

See tweet below: