8 ideas to help you save money every month



We are all at home, hardly stepping out due to work from home and even if we are, there are many ways in which we can save money every month and be a lot richer than last year! How do we do that?

There are 8 ways in which money can be saved by making small changes that make a huge difference.

Here is a list of ideas that can be incorporated in your everyday life to save every month.

1. Canceling subscriptions

If you have subscribed to different apps, magazines and things you rarely use, then cancel them right now. You will later realize how much money you are saving by doing so every month. Use only one or two subscriptions that you know you will make use of.

2. Grocery shopping

Make a list of all that you need every month and go to a store where you get things on good discounts. Bulk shopping always saves a lot of money.

3. Investments

Invest your money in different schemes, do your homework, speak to people who already have invested money at the best rate.

4. Stop eating outside or ordering more than once a week

This will be a favor to not just your pocket but also your health and weight. Go out twice or thrice a month for your own sanity but try to eat your meals at home. Make your own chicken or soup, bring out your inner chef. If you have a maid that cooks for you then make full use. You will save a lot of money.

5. Piggy bank

Yes it was a concept when we all were kids but it can still come in handy. Put 10 Rs or 50 Rs in it every day. If you can put in more, the better it would be. Keep stuffing it until it is full and then get another piggy. Make 10 such mini banks at home and once they are all full, break them and then make a fixed deposit using that money or invest in gold.

6. Make a journal of spendings

This is one tip all our parents ask us to do and there is a reason to do so. It keeps a check on what all you spent, helps you see where you could have saved and then prepares you to do better the next month. Plus you get to know if there is some money missing.

7. Electricity bill

There are umpteen ways to cut down on your electricity bill. Turn off lights which are not being used, unplug appliances and instead of being glued to the idiot box (T.V.), read your book or pick up an activity which does not have a screen. This way you save your eyes, clear your mind, have a hobby and save money since no electricity is being used!

8. Gym at home

Gyms take up a hefty amount from your income indeed. So why not exercise at home? There are live zumba classes, yoga and due to the lock down, everything can be done at home now. You can even get some equipment at home and make full use of even the furniture at home.

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