What to do if you are single on Valentine’s day



What do you do if you are single, but you want to have a great Valentine’s day.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, some single people are running helter-skelter; they cannot ‘drink water, drop a cup.’

If you are one of them, here is what you should do;

You deserve a relaxing massage or some facial treatment. Calm yourself, pamper yourself and be ready to glow.

Stay clear on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp statuses if you are about to catch the envy bug. Except you want to ‘awww’ at cute couple pictures, log out for sanity.

Enjoy each other’s company on that day. Go out for drinks and have a good time.

The deepest love is not just romantic, appreciate your friends and family on that day too.

This is not an activity per se but seeing that you have ‘no Val’, you should carry on with your life at a normal pace and enjoy your day.

This might be your last resort, ask out that girl or say yes to that boy before Valentine’s Day.

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