Did you know the way you shower can affect your mood, skin and hair?



When you take a shower the right way, you’ll come out with glowing skin and shiny hair, and you’ll have a good mood, too. You just need the right technique.

Making time for your skincare and haircare ritual starts in the bathroom. If you focus on creating a shower routine that helps your skin, you’ll feel the difference all day.

Even though a shower routine alone can’t make you happy, it feels good to take care of yourself. Having the right bathroom products is the first step to taking care of yourself.

Get the most out of your cleansing routine with these simple tips. Truth be told, it doesn’t take much to make your skin, hair, and mind feel brand new.

Below are showering tips to set your mood and improve your skin and hair health.

1. Dry brush your skin: Remove dead skin and impurities with a quick dry brush. Make sure you use a natural bristle brush. Do 2-3 strokes per area.

2. Wash with warm water, then cold water: Washing your face with warm water opens your pores, so the product can penetrate the skin and fight acne. Follow that up with a cold water rinse. Coldwater closes up pores, which is important because open pores let bacteria in. You can wash your face at the sink instead of taking a cold shower since you can splash water on your face without dousing your entire body in it.

3. Apply a face mask: You can always make a mask at home with natural ingredients. For example, add a dash of turmeric and a half teaspoon of sandalwood powder to two teaspoons of fuller’s earth. Lemon juice and milk (depending on your skin type) make a smooth paste. Try this face pack and keep it on until it dries.

4. Moisturise immediately: You should apply lotion as soon as you get out of the shower. It locks in the water and moisturizes the skin. Just out of the shower, your body is the perfect canvas for a thick moisturizer.

5. Get the water temperature just right: Warm water makes showering comfortable without drying out your skin. However, don’t use super-hot water because it strips your skin of its natural oils. Experts say lukewarm water is best.

6. Shampoo thoroughly: Don’t just pour shampoo on top of your head; make sure to distribute it evenly. Then, take a quarter-sized amount and rub it all over your hair. Don’t forget the nape of the neck, especially if you have long hair (that’s the oiliest part). Keep scrubbing for at least 30-60 seconds before rinsing.

7. Wash your hands thoroughly: You touch a lot of stuff all day. So, make sure you wash your hands before you bathe. It’ll keep you from spreading germs to other parts of your body.

8. Cleanse your body safely: Bar soap is sanitary and can be re-used, but loofahs can’t. Bacteria, mould, yeast, and a bunch of other nasty stuff can live in them. You should let it dry every day and replace it often if you want to use it. Dermatologists recommend getting rid of loofahs altogether, but replace them monthly if you can’t give up the lather.

9. Brush your hair before getting it wet: Brushing out your hair before getting in the shower makes it easier to detangle when you’re ready to style it. In addition, this allows your hair products to penetrate each strand.

10. Use a scented body scrub: There’s something relaxing about scented body scrubs. It’s like aromatherapy in the bathroom. They help soften and polish your skin. While scrubs are good for your skin, it’s important not to overdo it.

11. Use conditioner to shave: Moisturizing helps keep your skin healthy. When you shave with conditioner, you’re also moisturizing those body parts. You can also use oil.

12. Invest in multi-functional products: You save time and money using multi-use products. For example, choosing a hair conditioner that’s also a leave-in helps keep your hair moisturized all day.

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