DJ Fresh and Thabiso confirm divorce (Video)


DJ Fresh and Thabiso Sikwane confirm that they are heading for a divorce after it was rumored through the weekend.

The estranged couple with three kids addressed the divorce claim in a video shared on social media.

The two said they’ve been in the divorce process for the past two years, and it will get finalised soon.

“Those of you who follow me, who know me, you know that I’m not into social media but it’s just special circumstances about what’s happening, the buzz around us. I just think it’s important that we address it and state the facts. Yes, it’s a fact, we are heading for a divorce. We’re in the process. We’ve been for the past two years and that’s a fact,” Thabiso said.

“We’ve been separated pretty much most, if not all, of the lockdown and we’re just finalising the final details right now. And you know we still have each other. I think people are expecting fireworks, demands and drama, but there’ll never be drama between us because we’ll forever love each other and we’ve got three beautiful kids to raise and that is our focus,” he said.

They looked cool together in the video, and the two ensured to make the public understand that there’s no bad blood between them, though, according to Sunday World, Thabiso said she doesn’t feel the spark in the marriage anymore.

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