AKA and Nadia Nakai get loved up publicly


AKA and Nadia Nakai are gradually getting public about their love life, after hinting at dating within the past few months.

The rappers have ensured that the public doesn’t get any juice from their personal lives, but Supa Mega has summed up the courage to go all mushy with Nadia in the comments section on social media, which we can tag the first of all, officially.

Over the weekend, Bragga shared cool photos of herself on Instagram, and Kiernan could not help but react to it.

He dropped the in-love emoji in the comment section which got tongues wagging.


Nadia Nakai responded with a mushy emoji.

Reactions be like:

“@akaworldwide finally smiled. Fyer a while,,i know it’s not my business but i was getting worried ,where Mega at,, y’all my favorite.”

“I think she is the best fit for him as compared to the other exes.”

Despite all of these, the two are less ardent to speak about their relationship in interviews or when being asked during Live chats with fans on social media.


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