6 healthy snack ideas for pregnant women



Figuring out what to snack on while you’re pregnant can be tricky because every day you find yourself falling in love with a different food.

As much as there are a variety of snack combos available, your selection is limited especially since you have to stay away from potentially unhealthy ones.

The other thing that can make it complicated is the fact that you’re dealing with hormonal changes which can trigger morning sickness or make you feel grossed out by snacks you once loved.

Don’t worry though, you still have so many pregnancy-safe snacks to choose from that are healthy. Here you go:

1. Veggie soup

Vegetables are nutritious and are practically safe for most people. They should be included in every meal but it can get boring if you constantly prepare them the same way.

This time round, you can prepare healthy vegetable soups to enjoy as a snack. Preparing homemade ones are far better than the store bought ones which are laced with harmful chemicals and preservatives-and, you have the freedom to try different combinations.

These would go so well with whole grain scones or buns.

2. Fruit smoothies

Who doesn’t love fruit smoothies! They’re easy to make and still give you the nutritional boost you need when you’re pregnant. Go crazy with different smoothie recipes and include ingredients that are full of vitamins like blueberries.

However, you should avoid fruits that can cause health problems like raw papaya. It’s also suggested that you avoid or moderately eat pineapples.

3. Whole grain toast

Swapping out the normal white or brown bread for whole grain options is another way of giving your diet a nutritional kick. You can enjoy it as it is with a glass of milk, or do something extra like toasting it.

A good suggestion is to apply some peanut butter before you toast it, to give it some flavor. You can also try different topping like avocado and tomatoes if you’re looking for a change.

4. Crackers

When you’re pregnant, you can get hungry pretty quickly. You will need something to munch on while you’re on the go and crackers are a good option.

Although they aren’t as filling, they can give you some energy while you get some food ready. Also, options like salt crackers are really good for controlling the morning sickness nausea.

You can try some oat crackers or any other good type, or do a fun baking session by preparing some at home with your top ingredients.

5. Dried fruits

These are another healthy and delicious snack you can try. It’s a different way of enjoying fruits if you want to take a break from eating them directly or combining them into a smoothie.

Luckily, you can find a number of brands at the store or if you have some time on your hands, prepare your own batch.

6. Boiled eggs

Eggs are known to be a nutritional powerhouse. And, they’re safe for pregnant women just as long as they’re stored and prepared well.

If you plan on making some, make sure they are well cooked. You can enjoy them with a lightly spiced salsa salad which is very easy to make too.

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