What you need to know before getting a tattoo



These days, having a tattoo is common. Years ago it was a huge taboo to have one but as time progressed, we see more people getting them done.

People who have tattoos got them for different reasons. It could be for sentimental value like getting your kid’s name or birth date tattooed on your arm, in memory of a loved one and some people just get them for aesthetic reasons.

Admittedly, tattoos can sometimes make you look cooler and maybe you’re considering getting one.

But before you do though, go through these points then ask yourself if you really still want to get one:

  • You should research the cons of getting one

When we set our minds on a decision we’ve made already, we sometimes don’t take time to consider the other side of the story. And in this situation, getting a tattoo isn’t something that you just erase off your skin right away so it’s really wise to understand the weight of the decision you’re about to make.

You have access to videos that can help you understand whether this is something you truly want or if it’s just a phase that will pass.

Really think it through for a while and figure out if you’re being impulsive about getting one.

They are still associated with certain stereotypes

For sure, in these modern times, things have changed. But the truth is that tattoos still come with some negative stereotyping especially if they’re extreme.

Extreme tattoos like neck and face tattoos can make you look unpolished and in some cultures, they’re still connected with criminals since many gang members typically have these types of tattoos.

If you still want one, choose a small simple design and get it done somewhere where you can easily cover up.

1. It might remind you of unwanted memories

Many people impulsively get tattoos done to overcome an emotionally stressful season in their life. A common reason is getting one done after a break up or a cover up to ‘erase’ the name of an ex that you impulsively had tattooed on your body.

Years after, you might have a harder time moving on from those memories since you have something to constantly remind you of that situation.

This is a huge reason why you should take your time before you get something inked.

2. Choose a timeless design

If you’re sure you want to get one, don’t go with something that is trendy at the moment. In the tattoo world, there are seasons where newer and better designs come up so as you choose the design you want. Think of something that won’t go out of style quickly or ever.

And come to think about it, designs that were done in the 90’s aren’t the same ones that are popular right now. And since you will most likely have it for the rest of your life, why not choose a design that will stand the test of time.

3. Get it done by a professional

A mistake that’s often made is getting a tattoo done by someone who isn’t experienced. You might know someone who’s a great artist but it’s possible that they have no idea about proper after care and that they don’t meet the hygiene standards.

A good tattoo artist will prioritize hygiene and they will even advise you on important details you need to know instead of just rushing through the processes.

Just because your friend can draw and he has offered to tattoo you for free do not be tempted to do so. There is a lot that goes into the process and only experienced professionals can know that.

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