It does not matter whether you are dead against getting anything inked on your body or you are someone who believes that tattoos help in beautifying the temple called body, whether you have decided to get at least one tattoo or you simply admire them from distance, tattoos are attractive for a variety of reasons.

The temptation of getting tattooed

While there is no denying that we have all faced the temptation of getting tattooed once in our lives, if you are a spiritual person, getting inked might hold a deeper meaning for you.

People get the strangest things tattooed on the strangest of places, but there is always a hidden meaning behind them.

Avoid these 4 tattoos!

So, if you are interested in getting a tattoo or you are just plain curious, here is the list of 4 tattoos that are believed to be unlucky as they may carry bad universal energy.

1. Your partner’s name

How many times you have heard of celebrities getting their exes’ names lasered off or covered off after a bad break up? There are several examples that show that getting your partner’s name tattooed on your body might be ominous for the relationship.

Hence, tattoo artists suggest that if you want to prove your love, steer clear of getting your loved one’s name inked and think of better ways to showcase your passion.

2. Religious tattoos

A lot of people get religious symbols like “Om”, “Cross” and “Swastika” tattooed. A lot of tattoo artists believe that they may cause negative mental and physical effects if they are not done correctly. Hence, it is important that you either get the original motif placed before you get the tattoo or skip the idea altogether.

3. 666

666 is known as the “number of the beast” and certain tattoo artists believe that getting the same tattooed anywhere on your body may bring bad luck or attract negative energies.

4. Gruesome tattoos

If you are someone who likes all the gory stuff, we have a precautionary warning for you as well. Getting really weird and spooky tattoos may attract similar energy in your life, at least that is what some tattoo artist believe in.

The bottom line

In the end, it is completely your decision what you want to get inked, but it is important that you put in a lot of thought into something that you decide to get tattooed on your body for life.


Remember that tattoo is a form of body modification and what you get on your body, affects your mind. Even if you do not specifically believe in the concept of good luck and bad luck, it is advisable to spend some time exploring, all your options.