4 things you shouldn’t do a night before your wedding



The eve of your wedding can be scary and exciting.

You are expected but not required to have a bachelor’s or a bachelorette’s party which is a gathering of your friends celebrating your last night as a single person.

What should you do and what is totally off-limits? What you should do is simple: have fun with your friends, play some games, eat, drink and take pictures.

Here are 4 things you shouldn’t you do.

This is not your last night of freedom.

Since you got engaged, you have a commitment to them and marriage is sealing the deal legally – your relationship has always been an exclusive one and the night before your wedding doesn’t make it an open relationship.

Blow-jobs, handjobs, kisses or lap dances are all off-limits. This is not to time to have random meaningless sex especially with a stripper or prostitute.

You do not want to be hungover on your wedding day.

Your guys or your girls want you to have fun, loosen up a bit and let go of the prewedding jitters, but that is no reason to get drunk or high especially to the point that you have no recollection of the events of the night before.

The night before your wedding is also not the time to confess any unrequited or hidden feelings to anyone that can start something you won’t be able to handle after the wedding.

Remember that many people have called off their wedding or sought for a divorce because of their spouses’ action a night before the wedding so, be very cautious.

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