5 skin care tips for your neck



When it comes to skincare, we automatically think about our faces. But does it even occur we need to take care of our neck too?

Including neck in skincare regime has become the need of an hour in times when it leads to horizontal lines from overworking, discoloration, creepiness, and redness.

As the neck reflects the first sign of aging, it has become extremely important to protect this delicate area.

But before moving forward with the neck regime, it is important to know the right ingredients which go well with your skin type.

Leave it to us when it comes to keeping your neck hydrated. Here are 5 ways how you can keep your neck in check.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is of supreme importance when it comes to your face and neck regime. The neck is more vulnerable to dryness, irritation, and tanning. Exfoliation will help reduce dead skin. Vitamin C is the best source when it comes to exfoliating as it restores the complexion, removes pigmentation, and generates insulin for the growth of new skin cells. It even helps in moisturizing the skin and nourishes it as well.

2. Include a good dose of vitamin in your skincare

Collagen, the most abundant and useful protein in the skin makes the skin more youthful. Vitamin C, Omega -3 and Omega-6 naturally help your body produce more collagen and help to restore it. Taking Omega-3 and -6 before bedtime is another great trick, giving the body a chance to fully repair cell membranes and construct collagen.

3. Including AHA Acid

alpha hydroxy acid is another great source for moisturizing the skin around your neck. It helps to combats dryness from Vitamin A derivates and helps to restore that barrier and moisturize the skin.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreens have become the most sought-after ingredient in all the skincare regimes. Surely protecting the face and forehead is important from harmful UV rays but so does the neck.

With time, the skin around the neck leads to loosening and discolorization which age the skin much faster. Putting SPF has proved to be beneficial which will eventually reduce tan and wrinkles.

5. Always follow a routine

With these important ingredients, always follow a routine to restore these vitamins on the skin around your neck. While using retinoids in the morning always apply SPF afterward, since, after retinoids, skin becomes more perceptible to UV rays. Always consider a peel pad and go heavy on moisturizer, like natural Bliss, C+C Vitamin Body life.

Remember, prevention is the key. Though these methods are quite beneficial, they even act better when followed with a proper routine. It’s never too late to start taking care of your neck!

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