Bontle Modiselle mourns dancer Kesia’s death


Bontle Modiselle is heartbroken and numb following the passing of a friend and dancer Kesia Jeftha.

In a lengthy note, the choreographer poured out her heart on the last time they talked and how she accepted working with Bontle in her new dance studio.

She said they had plans and projects to execute, but never knew she will be leaving this soon.

Bontle is inconsolable now, and many other stars like Rouge have expressed shock at her death; meanwhile late Riky Rick who passed on two weeks ago is also a friend to the late dancer.

“My baby is no more. My heart is so broken. I try to get through a sentence without crying because the thought of me writing this out to or about you makes no sense to me. A wave of disbelief keeps hitting me because I’m in great denial. It’ll be this way for a long time. I don’t know when it will settle but right now, I’m accepting that maybe it isn’t my place to understand it,” Bontle wrote.

” If I knew this was our last dance, our last prayers, laughs and our last words, I would have done it all harder, better….anything to make you stay. We shared plans, ideas, hopes and dreams. Struggles and things we were dissatisfied with.”

“I was getting ready for your music/rap career, I’m gonna miss hearing those bars lol,” she added.

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