5 things you can do with wine besides drinking



Have you ever bought a bottle of wine and didn’t like it?

Or you ended up keeping a bottle for too long because you didn’t know what to do with it other than filling up your glass?

Well, we have a few ideas on how to make use of your wine other than just drinking. Read on…

1. Cleaning your fruits and vegetables 

Pour some wine in a spray bottle and spray onto your fruits and vegetables to clean them. The alcohol contained in the wine helps rid the fruits and vegetables of any bacteria.

Cleaning your groceries before you store them helps shorten cooking time as well as ensuring the fridge stays clean and fresh.

2. Removing stains

Should you spill some red wine onto your carpet, you can use white wine to clean it by pouring some white wine on the stain and then blot it up. The alcohol in the wine is perfect for cleaning stains as it does not only remove most common stains, but is also doesn’t damage the carpet or bleach it’s colours

3. Skincare

You can use wine in your beauty routine as a toner, face mask or add it to your bathwater and soak up. It’ll soften your skin, help get rid of acne, get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and give you that much-sought-after glow.

4. In your cooking

Wine can be a great cooking companion. You can use it to marinate meat and to deglaze your pan. You can also add wine to stews and sauces to enhance the flavour of your dishes, especially to dishes that would otherwise be bland.

5. Clean your home

White wine is a great substitute for your regular cleaners. It contains alcohol and acids that makes it a great disinfectant, particularly in the kitchen. Pour some in a spray bottle and use it to sanitize your counters and door handles.

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