How long should you wear your heels?



Heels are most definitely not the most comfortable shoes in your closet. But there are those instances when no other shoe can do.

As much as ladies love this pair of goodness, they are all familiar with the punishment that comes with heels. The pain, the blisters, the bunions and occasional muscle aches.

However, the long-term effect that you may not be familiar with is the eventual back injuries and knee osteoarthritis.

This prompts the question: exactly how long can you get away with wearing your heels?

It is highly advisable to carry an extra pair of shoes, preferably flats, which will allow you a moment from your heels from time to time.

Nonetheless, this will all depend on the activity you are engaged in and the type of heels you are wearing; low heel, medium heel or high heel:

These are heels considered 1.5 inches and below.

They are the most recommended heels and ideal if you will be spending most of the time standing or moving up and down.

For low heels, the recommended time is 4 hours.

You are more comfortable in these heels but still, try to limit the time you have them on.

These are heels between 1.5 to 3 inches.

If you are attending an occasion that limits physical activity, you can consider this type of heels. They are not really ideal for walking around for long distances.

The maximum time recommended when wearing such heels is 3 hours.

Specialist advice is that 3 inches should be the maximum height of heels one should consider wearing as heels above this height are likely to affect your walking and result in more pressure to the heel of your feet.

This can eventually lead to lower back pains and cause stress to your knees.

These are heels above 3 inches. According to podiatrists, this should be a no-go zone. If you must wear high heel, for the sake of fashion that is, let it be no more than an hour.

If you are a heel lover and just cannot do without here are some of the habits you can adapt to slow the negative effects:

Wear chunky heels or wedges – more surface to stand on will ensure less pressure on your toes and knees

Get the right size – no matter how gorgeous that shoe looks, do not squeeze your feet into it and brave the pain, you will regret it. Get your size.

Alternate shoes – heels are great but get a break off them as often as you can. Mix up your footwear; always have some flat shoes around.

Get cushioned heels – insoles will reduce the strain on your feet. If your heels don’t have soft insoles purchase a pair or two. They will make your walk more comfortable.

Get heels with straps – straps offer extra support to your feet thus reducing the strain. Straps will also stabilize your ankles, saving you from any unfortunate twist.

Exercise regularly – feet exercises and stretches will go a long way in strengthening and relaxing your feet muscles. Stretch your feet and legs before and after wearing your heels.

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