4 things you should do to reduce frequent urination at night



In as much as urination is a sign of healthy living, too frequent may not always be a good thing.

Especially at the night hours, I mean some people find it difficult to get back to sleep, after standing up to pass out urine.

Well, it can be controlled, here are some things you could do to reduce frequent urination.

1. Minimize your hydration levels around bedtime

Absolutely, this is self-evident. Some people aren’t aware of how much water they’re drinking in the hours leading up to bedtime, and how that fluid can interfere with their sleep.

Two hours before bedtime, you should cease drinking water. Also, before you go to bed, make sure you go to the restroom. If you’re still getting up to pee after following these suggestions, it’s time to consult a doctor.

2. Decrease your salt consumption

Too much water isn’t the only thing that can cause you to need to urinate repeatedly in the middle of the night. Interestingly, excessive salt consumption might have the same impact.

The kidneys digest and expel excess salt through urine production when you take too much salt. When you eat salty foods, you may experience increased thirst. This will cause you to drink more water and pee more frequently than usual.

3. Avoid taking alcohol around bedtime

Alcohol is a stimulant, meaning it causes you to lose water through your pee. It accomplishes this by decreasing the synthesis of a hormone known as vasopressin, which regulates water excretion. Increased urination, bigger amounts of pee in the body than normal, and more frequent trips to the bathroom are all side effects of drinking alcohol.

4. Reduce you caffeine intake

Caffeine too can enhance bladder activity, leading to worsened symptoms such as increased urgency and occurrence of urinating, as well as leakage.

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