Why you should think twice before trying the 69 s*x position



There are a number of s*x positions and 69 is one of the most talked about positions. But are you sure you want to try 69?

It looks all very interesting and sexy where you and your partner get to go down on each other at the same time, but there are many practical things that many do not realise.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not try the 69 position in bed and we are sure that you will give it a thought!

1. You won’t be able to give undivided attention

When you are being given pleasure by your partner and are enjoying the moment, how can you concentrate on giving pleasure to your partner at the same time and vice versa!

2. It ain’t comfortable

Finding the right comfortable position is a task. You will get tired after a while no matter in which position you lay down. Be it side by side, on top, standing, it will be awkward.

3. How to express your joy

You are enjoying it and you want to tell your partner about it too. But what will you do when your mouth is busy too? You cannot even by mistake bite down and your moans will be muffled in the act, right?

4. The height factor

A 69 position becomes difficult when the partners have different heights. If one is short and the other is very tall, the act is very difficult, unless you are a genius with a solution to that too.

5. Choosing the right moment

For sex, there is no perfect time in general because it is all about the mood. However, for a 69, both of you have to be energetic, no have a bloated stomach and have had a bath too because oral sex requires you to be clean!

6. Not orgasm friendly

Men still can but women do not have orgasms so easily. They take time and patience and of course technique! In case the male partner orgasms earlier, will he be able to work on his partner for that long?

7. Neck aches

It is a very impractical position when we think of 69. You are bound to have neck aches and a crick is inevitable. Are you willing to take that risk at all? At that moment, oral sex will be the last thing you will enjoy.

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