5 healthy snack ideas you should try when dieting



Living a healthy lifestyle is no longer about being miserable. Thank God!

There is so much variety these days and you would be surprised at how many DIY snack combinations you can make, while still being healthy.

However, there is the common problem of figuring out snacks you can enjoy without jeopardizing your healthy lifestyle.

There are many snacks that are labeled ‘low sugar’ or ‘zero calories’ but in reality they contain substitutes that are even worse.

If you’re like me and are trying to widen your snack options as you work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider these five ideas.

1. Chicken veggie salad

A chicken salad is a great substitute for other quick snacks like a sandwich or pie. I’m not hating on sandwiches, it’s just that, they can become boring and maybe you’re looking for something that doesn’t always include too many refined carbs.

A chicken-veggie salad is easy to make and you still get to customize the ingredients and dressing however you want. You can even use your chicken leftovers, if you had made some earlier and make yourself a delicious quick snack.

2. Creamy fruit salad

Another type of healthy salad is a classic fruit salad. You don’t need any culinary skills to prepare a bowl and they’re good for your body.

Already, fruits are an essential part of every diet and there is a way you can make your fruit salad more flavorful by adding yogurt.

You can combine all types of fruits and different yogurt varieties to come up with interesting fruit salad combos every time. You can add an extra health kick by using probiotic yogurt for added benefits.

3. Frozen yogurt bites

Frozen fruit bars are so simple to make that even your kids can prepare it for themselves. This is something you can enjoy on a hot day and the best part is, it can satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can choose any healthy type of yogurt including non-fat yogurt and fruits of your choice (try with different types of berries).

You will just line a baking pan with baking sheets, pour the layer of yogurt and add your fruit toppings. Freeze for two hours, break into smaller pieces and enjoy.

4. Vegetable pizza

Veggie pizza is often ignored because there is an assumption that they don’t taste as great as other pizzas. Well, some might not taste phenomenally amazing but you’re really missing out on the good ones.

You can also decide to make some at home for yourself and experiment with interesting veggies and sauces until you come up with your ultimate healthy veggie pizza.

5. Granola bars

Granola bars are great go-to healthy snacks you should try out. You can buy a few or prepare your own at home if you want to work with your own ingredients.

These are snacks you can spoil yourself with once on a while and they’re far better than junk foods that could delay your progress.

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