How to give your teen the s*x talk



Sex is a very crucial topic to discuss with your kids.

As they grow older, they’re exposed to so many different ideas about sex and most of that information is skewed.

Although it can be awkward to bring it up, it’s important to understand that sex is a beautiful part of human nature.

It was created to be enjoyed within the covering of a marriage and it shouldn’t be something that you avoid taking about.

As a parent, you are your kid’s first mentor. They should hear about sex from you before they get exposed to confusing information out there.

And now that you have a teen, it’s the right time to talk to them about it. Every parent has a different formula of how to give their kids ‘’the talk’’.

But with these few tips you too can do it.

1. Approach them carefully

How you approach your teen about this topic matters. It’s a very sensitive subject and if you approach it in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, they might have a hard time opening up to you.

If it’s the very first time you’re talking about it, try have this discussion in a comfortable environment. You can take them for a drive or bond over lunch so that they understand that it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

2. Have an honest conversation

Teenagers are smart and many of them already know a lot about sex. They might have learnt the details from their friends and maybe they have already been exposed to it from porn, unfortunately.

By the time you’re talking to them about it, you might naively assume they know less than they actually do.

If you really want them to learn, don’t talk to them about sex like they’re babies. They are already at that stage in life when they might consider experimenting and they need to hear the truth about it from you.

3. Don’t sugarcoat the risks

Many people like to deny the risk that come with careless sex. There’s the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases, early pregnancies and HIV. And with all that, it can even break friendships and relationships which is an added problem that’s unnecessary.

Your teen needs to know the real weight and consequences of having reckless sex so you shouldn’t beat about the bush when it comes to this.

4. Allow them to contribute

As their parent, you should take control of the conversation since you understand different perspectives. However, don’t make it a one sided conversation where you do all the talking and they sit put and listen.

Letting them speak and share how they feel about it will help them to have a more positive experience. They will understand that they can always approach you if they have any worries or questions and that is more effective than forcing the conversation down their throats.

5. Let it flow gradually

Filling them with everything they need to know about sex in one conversation might be a little too much for them. It might be the first time they’re hearing certain things and they need some time to process all this information.

Spread this talk into different sessions and use opportunities you have to teach them what they need to know.

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