5 ways to show a typical South African woman you love her



South African women are a special breed and as they say “love is not by mouth meaning words alone are not enough to prove to a woman that you really love her.

So here are the things South African women love;

If she sends you 10 pictures, you must comment on every one of them. Tell her she is the best thing you’ve ever come across. Hype her up. If you do not, she will think you do not love her. A breakup is imminent if she sends you pictures and you say, “nice one.”

Her car isn’t working? Her phone got stolen? Her landlord wants her to pay rent? She needs to pay school fees? Her parents are sick? Her problems are now your problems and what kind of boyfriend or fiance will you be if you cannot help her when she is at her lowest?

She may not have a flower vase but you should send flowers to her office or home, buy her a period package (gifts when she is on her period), send her lunch for a week straight, book her a trip to the Maldives or Dubai, and pour petals on the floor of your bedroom. The grander, the better.

This is essential proof you love her, without this, everything else will not matter. A typical South African woman wants you to come to pick her up when you are going out on a date or pay for her transport. Very few will volunteer to split the bill.

She wants you to buy her the outfit you want her to wear on the date, pay for her to get her nails done, pay for a wig and send her money. If you do this, you are moving up the list. She is a princess that deserves to be pampered, she does not want to be a strong woman so-called.

No matter how many times you confess love, if you do not act in a way she interprets as love, vis-a-vis her love language, you are wasting your time.

So listen to what she wants you to do and do not think epistles of love are what she needs (except it is her love language).

Also, women remember to give South African men all the love they deserve plus treat them with gifts too.

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