4 biggest reasons why your partner avoids intimacy



Has your partner been recently detached from you and refuses to share the same space as you?

If yes, then there may be a major problem lying underneath that you have to understand and be aware of.

When two people are in love and in a marriage, there will be intimacy, passion and love, but when these slowly disappear between the two partners, there’s nothing left, except disappointment, loneliness and despair.

And so, to help you figure out, here are some reasons why your partner may be avoiding intimacy with you.

1. They don’t feel confident

Your partner may not feel comfortable or confident in front of you. Their insecurities may be creeping onto them, which makes it all the more difficult for them to open up to you physically, emotionally and mentally. It becomes your job to make your partner feel confident and special.

2. They feel exhausted

Being exhausted with daily activities, work, household chores, managing the kids can be one of the many reasons why your partner is thoroughly tired and has no interest in being intimate with you. Having sex requires a desirable mood and energy.

3. Rushed into sex

Your partner may feel that they are being rushed into sex. With the time restraints and packed schedule, they may not have the time and space to feel pleasure or the urge to have sex.

4. Lack of connection

There may be a lack of connection in the marriage that is probably pinching your partner hard. They either feel distant, disconnected emotionally from you, and this may stop them from getting close to you physically in the bedroom.

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