Weight loss: Here’s the right way to drink alcohol without ruining your diet!



When you are dieting to lose weight, you have to be extra careful while making food choices.

You not only have to stay clear of sugar, unhealthy fats, carbs and sugary drinks but should also limit your alcohol consumption.

Even in general, excess of alcohol consumption is not considered good for health. It can cause liver damage and lead to various health issues.

But there is no harm in drinking in moderation once or twice in a week to lighten up your mood.

You just have to be conscious about what kind of alcohol you are having and its quantity.

What to drink

You need to cut down on excess calories from your drink. Instead of pouring soda, tonic water, or syrups, choose spirits. Also, rather than sipping beer or wine, go for a shot of whiskey, gin or rum. Having shots will give you a buzz faster than beer or rum. Moreover, a standard shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, or rum contains only 97 calories.

Gin: 142 calories per 44 ml serving

Martini: 124 calories per 65 ml serving

Vodka: 97 calories per 44 ml of serving

What to avoid

Never drink cocktails while on a diet. Cocktails often contain a high amount of added sugar, which can sabotage your weight loss goal. Mixing cranberry juice or coke to your drink increases the calories count.

The worst drink

Stay away from beer if you are on a mission to lose weight. It is not considered a weight-loss-friendly drink. One can of beer contains 103 calories. Also, beer is light and most people drink two-three cans of beer at one time.

The bottom line

Honestly, alcohol consumption is never considered good for health. If you want to stay healthy and fit, avoid alcohol consumption.

But if you want to drink then go for some healthier options, which contains less sugar. Also, try to drink in moderation.

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