5 things that will leave you hangover other than alcohol



Having a fun night out with friends is something that most people look forward to.

People love to dance the night away while enjoying a couple of drinks with their besties but, one thing that’s always disappointing is the hangover.

Hangovers can make you regret why you went out in the first place and it’s usually such a huge relief once the nausea, headache and grogginess fades.

While hangover symptoms are mostly associated with alcohol, it’s surprising to know that you might experience some of the symptoms even when you haven’t had a drink.

It’s shocking when you wake up feeling like you just came home from a rave and it can be hard to understand why you’re getting these unusual symptoms.

Well, there are a couple of reasons why this could be happening to you:

1. Poor sleeping habits

Getting enough rest is more important than people think. Maybe you’re able to pull of all-nighters and your body is so used to odd sleeping patterns but after a while, the effects of not getting proper rest will catch up with yo

Your body will signal that you need to make some adjustments through hangover-like symptoms including headaches and an overall feeling of sluggishness.

You should sleep at the right time and practice other sleep hygiene habits like avoiding exposure to blue light before bed.

2. Dehydration

We’ve always heard that you need to drink eight glasses of water every day. Although some people can survive on fewer glasses than that, the point is to ensure you’re meeting your body’s hydration needs every single day.

When you’re not keen on drinking enough water, you’re likely to experience dry mouth, headaches, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms that are similar to a hangover.

3. Excess caffeine

Caffeine is usually harmless for most people. However, drinking too much of it can cause some problems. You might not realize how much caffeine you’re consuming until you start feeling anxious, restlessness, shakiness and headaches, all which are similar to what you feel when you’re going through the dreaded hangover.

It’s also possible to form an unhealthy attachment to caffeine to a point where you’re experiencing a caffeine withdrawal, which also comes with these symptoms.

4. Underlying medical conditions

Certain medical conditions can also trigger an uncomfortable response in your body. Diabetes and kidney problems are some of the conditions that can make you feel like you’ve been partying all night.

Also, some rare digestive medical conditions like Auto-brewery Syndrome can actually turn your body into its own brewery. It can make you drunk without consuming even a drop of alcohol and possibly make you feel nauseated, dizzy and exhausted.

5. Sugar detox

When we talk about diet, you will find that many people struggle with cutting back on sugar. Sugar is very addictive and it can be hard for you to drastically reduce the amount you consume without your body fighting back.

When you go on a sugar detox, your body might experience withdrawals. These withdrawals often come with nausea, muscle aches, anxiety and headaches, similar to what a hangover feels like.

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