Disturbing video of SK Khoza goes viral


SK Khoza has mzansi worried after a video of him causing a commotion in the front of an unknown building went viral on social media.

The alleged drunk actor pitched a tantrum without footwear, in front of what looked like a hotel.

People assumed that he was trying to fight the white man seen in the video, but a security man intervened.

Despite the intervention, Khoza refused to be calm, as he shouted and caused a huge scene which has attracted different reactions from netizens.

Most people claim he needs help as he might be going through mental issues.

I fear Sk Khoza is going through something and may need support. Remember back when a video was leaked of him allegedly in an ørgy seeming party? Then he recently got sacked, is going through a heartbreak and now this? Somebody close to him really needs to check on him,” a tweep wrote.


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