8 ways to become your spouse’s best friend



Do you, like most married couples, wish to be your spouse’s best friend but don’t know how to? Is it that tough to be one?

Definitely not; after all, you married your partner to spend an entire lifetime together; to share the good and the bad times.

Nothing can be better than having a spouse who is your best friend. Moreover, the basis of a happy and everlasting marriage is a strong bond of friendship between the husband and wife.

So how can your spouse be anything different than your best friend? Read on and learn how you can be a best friend and not just a spouse.

1. Acceptance

What mars a relationship is pinpointing imperfection in your partner. You have to realise that nobody is perfect; not even you. Just as much you find those small annoying things in him, he too may have found in you. Therefore, accept the way your partner is; love him for who and what he is. This will also help your spouse to open up, and it will eventually bring him more close to you. Appreciate him for all that he does for you. Remember, without support, appreciation, love and respect, friendship and marriage cannot flourish.

2. Give space

Being with each other or doing things together is important, but that does not mean you suffocate each other. At times, when you both feel like doing two different things, do it. You don’t need to curb your desires and likings to be your spouse’s best friend. A little space is always considered to be healthy in a marriage. It also helps you to be yourself, which is important in making your spouse see the real side of you. Finding the right balance between doing things you want to do and doing things together is the key to a healthy relationship. Moreover, a little “me-time” will not just rejuvenate both the partners, but will also make you crave for each other’s presence.

3. Don’t try to control

One of the best ways to become close to your spouse is to stop controlling him. Restrain yourself from telling your partner what to do and what not to do, more so in front of his friends or outsiders. Doing so may only make him feel stifled in the relationship, and he may try to keep away from you. Instead, let him do what he feels like (remember you both are two different individuals). If in case, you need to tell him what you feel, tell him when he is alone and say it without blaming him for something or making him feel guilty.

4. Keep no secrets

There should not be any secrets between best friends. If you wish to be best friends with your spouse, make sure your relationship is transparent. Communicate as much as possible and tell your partner everything. However, you cannot just talk and not listen when he speaks. You will get to know him better which will bring you closer to each other.

5. Support your spouse

Every individual needs a support system and what better than a spouse’s support in trying times. You should be able to stand by him at all times and be a constant support system. This will not just help in developing a strong bond of friendship between you and your partner but will make your marriage strong and profound.

6. Make your spouse feel cared for and loved

After marriage, the spouse should always become your priority at least until you both become parents. Looking after each other especially when one is sick, eating at least one meal a day together, protecting each other and standing up for each other are few things that will make your spouse feel loved and cared for.

7. Speak out if something bothers you

You do not need to turn a blind eye to your partner’s every fault. Friends do have disagreements, and that is also healthy for a good relationship. However, if you see something about your partner that annoys you, always be vocal about it. However, you need to be tactful and speak without accusing or blaming him.

8. Spend quality time together

This is the best way to get close to your spouse. Do things that you both enjoy doing. If travelling is something that you both enjoy, take a few days off from work and set out on vacation or go on a long drive once every week. At times, you may even do things that make your partner happy and vice versa.

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