Heard about ovo-vegetarian? Here’s all you need to know about it



The lockdown has made people understand about their health and more and more people are opting for healthy foods.

Be it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, it is always important to take a good amount of nutrition that includes protein, fibre and healthy carbs.

Recently in trend, ovo-vegetarian diet is all about vegetarian and eggetarian foods. Those who cannot eat meat but are able to include eggs in their diet are often called ovo-vegetarians.

This diet is quite similar to the Kosher Jewish diet in which an egg is neither considered meat nor dairy (pareve).

What to eat and avoid in this diet?

In this diet, one can consume all fruits, vegetables, squashes, legumes, beans, and grains such as rice, quinoa, and barley; all seeds, spices and fresh herbs along with eggs and products containing eggs such as egg whites, mayonnaise, egg noodles and some baked goods. In this diet, one can not consume anything that has anything to do with animals such as meat, animal milk and related products such as cheese, butter, ice cream, whey protein, sour cream and even cream cheese.

Why do people choose to be ‘Ovo-Vegetarian’?

There are several reasons why one chooses to be an ovo-vegetarian. Some might do it for religious/cultural reasons, while others might choose it due to their health. However, one of the common reasons why one tends to choose this diet is when a person wants to be a vegetarian but is allergic/sensitive to dairy products and being on this diet, serves the purpose of providing enough nutrition that one cannot have on a vegetarian diet.

Is the Ovo-vegetarian diet healthy?

Speaking of nutrition, the ovo-vegetarian diet provides enough protein to your body along with healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are said to be low in calories and are one of the ethical reasons to get nutrition when one can not eat meat for protein.

Benefits of ovo-vegetarian diet

If followed in a well-planned and balanced manner, the Ovo vegetarian diet has numerous nutritional health benefits, such as weight loss, improved heart health, type 2 diabetes etc.

Disadvantages of ovo-vegetarian diet

While this eating pattern may offer health benefits, it also necessitates some extra preparation. As it could lead to a lack of vitamin B12, which is abundantly found in meats.

The bottom line

Just like any other diet, one should be extra cautious when picking up this diet. One should always consult a nutritionist before following a new diet. What is beneficial for one person may not affect the other person in the same way.