DBN Gogo trolled Bonang Matheba, other celebs before fame – See old tweets


DBN Gogo’s dirt has been dug out by Twitter investigators.

The DJ was falsely rumored to be pregnant as some persons assumed that her stomach in snaps was a baby bump.

She slammed the rumor by speaking against cyberbullying and negative comments.

“Comments and bashing are two different things. Disliking something and being straight-up rude and hurtful are two different things. You won’t like everything and that’s fine. How you bring that across is the difference. Nobody must accept anyone’s bullshit. I definitely won’t,” she wrote.

In response, a tweep dug out old tweets of DBN Gogo trolling Bonang Matheba’s outfit and other celebs in 2010 and 2011.

The tweets have gone viral on social media and netizens are wilding upon realizing that the DJ was a cyberbully before fame.

Check out reactions below:

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