6 tips to combat stressed-out skin



Many factors, including diet, weather, and medication, can impact our skin.

But lifestyle and everyday stressors can take a toll on our complexions too, leading to conditions such as dryness, dehydration, blemishes, and acne.

Listed below are 6 tips to combat stressed-out skin.

Tip 1: Avoid make-up

You might feel the need to cover up stress-induced spots or blemishes with make-up products, but this could work against you. Give your skin some time to breathe and heal.

Tip 2: Exercise

Working out may not always be appealing, but going out for a walk/run to get some fresh air, or joining a yoga class can help relax the mind and reduce stress.

Tip 3: Watch what you eat

Fast foods and sugary snacks could aggravate skin conditions.

Tip 4: Sleep hygiene

Screen time can significantly impact your quality of sleep. Try to put away devices like laptops and cell phones at least two hours before bed. Keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts before you get into bed can also help relax your mind and aid in peaceful sleep.

Tip 5: Be kind to yourself 

Don’t panic if you find yourself stressed and breaking out. Stress is temporary, and so are skin breakouts. We all encounter stress and spots from time to time, so try not to be hard on yourself.

Tip 6: Perfect skin 

No one has perfect skin all of the time. Having a spot now and again is entirely normal and to be expected.