Heavy K says Black Coffee’s “Subconsciously” album was pap – Mac G


Mac G claims Heavy K dragged Black Coffee’s Subconsciously album which got him his first Grammy Award win.

During a recent episode of the show, the Podcast host was conversing with his co-host and guest; he reminisced on meeting the Grammy winner who recounted all that was said about him on the show.

“I met Black Coffee, he’s a thriller; he remembers every single thing we said about him on the Podcast… We did an interview with Heavy K.. and Heavy K said that the album Black Coffee actually won the Grammy for was pap… He said during the interview we did with Heavy K, he said the album was pap,” Mac G said.

The co-host was also positive about the conversation stated above.

Meanwhile, Mac G recently celebrated securing 2 million views on one of the episodes of the podcase.


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