Pearl Modiadie debunks rumours she is dating Andile Ncube




Pearl Modiadie has taken to her social media to debunk rumour that she is allegedly dating Andile Ncube.

This is coming after City Press reportedly alleged that Pearl and Andile were out and about at a restaurant getting cozy in full view of people.

However, Pearl did not say anything until yesterday as she made it clear that she has no romantic relationship with Andile.

Taking to her Twitter, the television host vehemently denied reports that she was in a relationship with Andile Ncube.

“With regards to the @city_press article regarding my personal life. I am not in a relationship with the said party,” she wrote.dd

Pearl then went on to add: “I am in a relationship that my partner and I have decided to keep private. Please also note that I’m merely putting this out as a sign of respect to our families, close friends and to clear this matter,” she wrote.

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