Botswana’s Daniel Kenosi throws shade at Uncle Waffles




Uncle Waffles is the most talked-about celebrity on social media currently and the things being said aren’t nice.

However, the star has been rumored to be transgender but her team and fans are solidly defending her on social media.

The rumor did spread like wildfire and fans and lovers of the star were quick to shut down the rumors.

Well, Uncle Waffles is yet to rubbish the speculations but Botswana is on her case too.

The star is getting ready for her show in Botswana and the most controversial businessman Daniel Kenosi has called out Uncle Waffles as somebody that he doesn’t know from a bar of soap.

Daniel took to his Facebook to throw shade at the DJ and his fans joined in the jab.

He said: “WHO IS UNCLE WAFFLES? I spent my day today googling about Uncle Waffles. No article brings about his real name and where she comes from. Gents, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Anyway, re kopa mongwe o sebete ka di 30 ko MolapoX a pagame stage a re bontshe nnete” 

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