“I am permanently injured,” Sbahle Mpisane on her 2018 accident




Sbahle Mpisane has been opening up about her 2018 accident as she has been holding back so much.

The star has an interview with YouTuber Owamie Hlongwane and she was able to pour her mind out.

Taking to Instagram, Sbahle pen down a lengthy writeup revealing how her mother bought her the teddy bear she is holding after she was admitted to St Augustine Hospital to remove the ankle bone on her right foot in January 2019.

She revealed that 80% of her bones were broken due to the car accident and she is grateful for all the work done by her doctors.

“In January 2019, I was admitted at St Augustine Hospital to remove the ankle bone on my right foot & my mum bought me this teddy bear to hold tight while shedding tears.During my car accident, 80% of my bones were broken. I was like a toasted slice of bread that was crumpled up! I’m grateful to my doctors for managing to put all the pieces back together (wish I could name them all). In all honesty, my eyes were hanging out, my nose was completely broken, my brain was visible on view (that damage resulted in amnesia), my arms were broken including my beautiful hands, my left knee, ankle plus toes were broken and my right foot was badly broken from my hip, thigh,knee, foot, toe BUT my ankle bone was completely discharged out of my foot at scene 18/08/2018.”

Sbahle said she is ready to speak about her recovery journey, depression phase & what she still needs to face going forth.

She said: “My right foot was going to be removed from hip —> but I will post more videos on my YouTube to explain why they had to try by all means to put it together. I will speak about my recovery journey, depression phase & what I still need to face going forth. I know voicing myself out will help a few people (as I’ve personally helped a few since 2020 in worse situations). To everyone else, please have hearts & not roll your eyes at me or think I’m doing this for cloud”

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