5 dangerous rivers in the world you should never step in!



Rivers are one of the best gifts of nature, essential for the survival of humans and any other living beings.

But there are a few rivers in the world that possess unknown threats and are deemed treacherous and dangerous.

Such rivers have several threats from animal life, unknown depths and unpredictable currents, among others.

On that note, have a look at the world’s top most dangerous rivers you should never step in.

1. Congo River, Africa

For those who don’t know, the Congo is the world’s deepest river, reaching a depth of 720 ft. The river is so deep that even the light can’t penetrate its depth. The upper section of the river is quite dangerous and is filled with rapids, while the lower section has many gorges and waterfalls.

2. ​Shanay-Timpishka (Boiling River), Peru

This is a tributary of the Amazon river. You will be amazed to know that this is the only boiling river in the whole world! Also famous as La Bomba, this 6.4 km long river is known for its extremely high water temperatures (from 45°C to nearly 100°C). The source of the heat is actually geothermal, so do not even think of touching the water with bare hands!

3. Mississippi River, North America

This is the longest river in North America and travels through several states. Some of the most dangerous habitats of this river are bull sharks and pike fish, which are quite dangerous. Swimming is not recommended here. Besides, the river also experiences numerous surprising undercurrents, which are mostly unpredictable and are capable of swallowing a swimmer down into its depths.

4. The Nile, Egypt

The longest river in the world, Nile is home to a huge number of predators and is a hotspot for deadly disease-carrying mosquitoes. The Nile flows through 11 countries and meets the Mediterranean Sea. The river is noted for its fast moving crocodiles that kill some 200 people every year. There are hippopotamuses, venomous snakes and deadly mosquitos. So, step in at your own risk!

5. River Wharfe, England

Number one in the list is the River Wharfe in England. Do not get under the spell of this picturesque river as this one is noted for being home to innumerable hidden tunnels that can suck people in! Set in Yorkshire, the river is (in)famous for taking the life of anyone who falls into its waters. Terrifying, right?

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