How to deal with rude coworkers



All colleagues cannot be sweet and helpful, there is always a bad apple in everyone’s workplace.

There will always be a colleague who is rude and gets on to your nerves. You cannot reciprocate and stoop to the same level, so what do you do in such a situation?

Here are some tips that may help you deal with a rude coworker without stepping into the muddy waters.

1. Ask your colleague if they feel the same

Sometimes we tend to overthink so if you feel a colleague of yours is being rude then speak to your trusted co-worker if they noticed the same thing or not. It can also be that you are the only one taking offense. A little insight never hurts.

2. Observe objectively

Another practice in not just work scenarios but otherwise as well would be to detach yourself from the situation and then observe. Try to see the person who you feel is being rude with you, from a different perspective.

3. Speak less

If your colleague is rude then keep your interaction with him/her to the minimum. Remove yourself from the unpleasant situation. You cannot avoid your colleague all the time but what you can do is lessen the amount of interaction you have with them.

4. Take it in your stride

Channel your sense of humor, look for amusement even in that rude attitude and laugh it off. When you laugh, make sure it is not sarcastic and is non threatening as this diffuses the tense atmosphere or the awkwardness that the rude attitude of your colleague has created.

5. Talk to the manager

If it gets too much and you feel you are losing it, talk to your manager about it .Let your supervisor or whoever is in authority, take care of such a situation. Don’t specify the name at first, share your concern and if the situation needs further action, then so be it.

6. Do not take it personally

Grow a thick skin and do not let your colleague’s words get under your skin. If the rude behaviour is not related to your work or problem, maintain a calm demeanor. Stay motivated and focussed.